How to Lead Your Legacy with Shawn Neff

Living an inspired life is about freedom.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day activities and get stuck in a “groundhogs day” kind of life. But how do you begin to really become the leader of your life and business? How can you go from just managing the day-to-day to being the CEO of your business?

This week’s Spotlight Interview guest, author and leadership expert, Shawn Neff has all of the answers for you.

Shawn shares with us how just three short years ago she was living to please others and not living a life that brought her the amount of joy she craved and knew she deserved.

Shawn is the prime example of making BIG choices, and BIG decisions that create movement. Fear will be there, but pushing through that fear is where the magic happens.

Ready to do the same in your own life?

Get inspired by Shawn, her story and her amazing insight into how you can do this too by watching this week’s episode.

Shawn’s position and emotions in that time of her life are so relatable and prevalent. But what was the catalyst for change in her life? The answer may not be as extreme as you may imagine… for Shawn, she just knew that if major shifts didn’t happen, her life was going to wither away. She was not going to let that be an option, so she put it all on the line, and risked everything to live a life she felt passionately about.

The first big move for Shawn was buying a house in Florida on a whim. Shawn credits this move with saving her career, her marriage and her family!

It took this major change for her to fully embrace the concept that life is meant to be pleasurable! Life is meant to be lived!

After the shift in her own life, Shawn as dedicated her life to helping others get to where she is at. People come to Shawn when they have a vision, but they don’t know how to get there. Shawn’s specialty is helping people pinpoint their genius, then creating the step-by-step process that each individual needs to get to their end goal- living a life in freedom!

If you’re ready to stop playing it small, watch my interview with Shawn in it’s entirety, then check out Shawn’s website.

Shawn also has her “Lead Your Legacy” Facebook Group (click here to join), and special resource for you called “The Art of Feminine Wealth”, which is a resource for women that features how to Unleash Your Money Block – quickly! Click here to get Shawn’s resource just for you.

I encourage you all to take advantage of all the resources and knowledge Shawn has to offer – we all could use more inspirations and a bright light in the world.

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As always, thanks for tuning in! Until next time Dream it. Live it. BE it!