How Becoming the Face of Her Brand Changed Everything With Melinda Maria

Today I am joined by Melinda Spigel, founder and designer of Melinda Maria Jewelry. Melinda shares how she built her brand from the ground up by connecting and empowering women through her social media platform and “converse-couture” designs. Melinda Maria has attracted A-listers, boss babes, and moms from all over the world. 

On this episode, hear how Melinda’s take on how she built her business, keeps her brand relevant, and how she still keeps grinding even after all her success.

I really appreciate how real and authentic Melinda is in this interview, we ALL start somewhere. Her decision to become the face of the brand was born out of necessity and changing everything for her brand. I think you’ll really resonate with her story, I know I did.  

Prefer to listen?! Don’t worry, the IL podcast is right here.


  • [1:37] Melinda’s perfect hybrid work schedule
  • [5:17] What helped Melinda get rid of “Mom-guilt”
  • [7:55] Where Melinda’s journey started
  • [13:53] When does the grind stop?
  • [17:32] Speaking your truth to your customer
  • [25:30] Authenticity: one of the biggest lessons Melinda learned in her business
  • [29:39] Building a team that reflects her core values


  • Becoming the face of your company could be the key that you’re missing
  • Your customers need you to be authentic
  • Showing up, even when you don’t want to, changes everything
  • There’s no room for “Mom-guilt” in your business


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