How To Control Your Energy Through Dance With Natalie Southgate

Did you rise and shine today as your usual bright and energetic self, ready to take on the world? Or did you wake up with aches and pains, feeling overwhelmed…or even exhausted?

This week I sat down with Hay House author and energy healer Natalie Southgate to learn more about her energy work around the chakras. Natalie is the founder of a movement therapy modality called Chakradance, which, as you might have guessed, takes its cues from the seven chakras.

Chakras are the seven power centers around our auras that connect to different parts of our bodies. Each one affects the physical health of its corresponding bodily counterpart.

Listen to Natalie’s  fabulous podcast interview here:

Learn how Natalie transformed Chakradance from a healing activity into a global movement: 

5:33 – Most in the Western world don’t practice or understand energy healing and the chakras, but energy follows thought. And we do have control of our thoughts. You have the power to unblock stopped up chakras simply by changing your thinking patterns. What are you attracting? We talked about vibrant energy compared to overwhelm at the beginning of this episode. Are you attracting light, love, and laughter, or are you attracting negativity? It’s all in the chakras. 

18:48 – Learn about the one encounter that led Natalie on a life-changing journey of discovery. Natalie was just in her twenties when she began to deeply understand the chakras and their power to heal the body. It was the first time that life made sense to her. It was like discovering gold at the end of a long and complicated treasure map.

25:00 – Let your business grow and evolve naturally. Natalie had no intention of turning Chakradance into a business. Starting a business couldn’t have been further from her thoughts…until she realized the power of the people to transform Chakradance from a healing activity into a global movement.

28:07 – Realize that you have to leverage yourself at some point. It’s not all Natalie that makes Chakradance what it is. Chakradance itself is a modality apart from its creator. Natalie learned that she could train other people to facilitate workshops, classes, and retreats. Chakradance became bigger than Natalie alone. Once you can clone yourself in this way, you go from a solopreneur who trades time for dollars to a CEO who runs a successful and thriving brand.

35:00 – We are not broken; we are whole and have the power to heal. Listen to Natalie talk about the healing power of white light, and how she incorporates it into her daily rituals.

You are an energy body, too—and surrounded by electromagnetic fields that hold your emotional thoughts, memories, and energy. What Natalie explained to me is that we have the power to clear our chakras. We can heal and control our energy. After all, energy follows thought—and yes, you have the ability to control your thoughts, whether they are positive or negative.

Natalie discovered the power of energy healing and white light at the age of 17 through her childhood passion for dance. “It’s funny,” Natalie says, “when we start to come back to ourselves, we find our truth again.” We often abandon what we truly love in life, for various reasons, but when we come back to it, we find our truth and inner essence.

Have you lost contact with what lights up your heart? I invite you to go back to when you were a child and rediscover what truly brings you joy. What are you passionate about? I’m a firm believer that you can turn your passion into profit and build a life you love.

Natalie shares with me that the chakras encompass the whole of the human experience. Our energy is moving all the time. When our energy is flowing freely across all of our chakras, we feel sublime—this is called enlightenment. You can even look at the chakras as diagnostic indicators. They show when and where you have an imbalance of energy or where your energy is blocked.

Natalie helps people release and free up energy blocks, some of which can be embedded in the body for years. She initially did this for herself before taking Chakradance to the masses, quite literally birthing the movement from Deepak Chopra’s healing center while eight-and-a-half months pregnant with her daughter.

For Natalie, Chakradance expanded organically as more and more people became interested in her classes and retreats. Soon people who were more well known in the healing community started attending and even teaching Chakradance. Natalie realized she was able to monetize her passion by building a facilitator training program. From there, her business and tribe grew exponentially.


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