Power Your Profits: How To Become More Profitable In Your Business With Top Profit Coach, Susie Carder

As entrepreneurs, do you ever feel lost on where to focus first to generate greater revenue, profits, and growth in your business? It’s time to gain clarity as host, Keri Murphy, invites Profit Coach for Entrepreneurs, Susie Carder. With her ability to simplify complicated issues by creating simple proven systems that are guaranteed to create dramatic growth for any company, Susie has helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs increase their revenues by more than 3000%. In this episode, she shares how she is able to do that through her book, Power Your ProfitsShe discusses running your business’ daily operations, understanding your finances, employing marketing strategies, and more. If you want to make more money and learn how to become more profitable in your business, then follow as Susie and Keri tell you how in this great conversation.

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Power Your Profits: How To Become More Profitable In Your Business With Top Profit Coach, Susie Carder

There are people that come into your life that you wonder, how did you ever live without them? That is how I feel about my guest, Ms. Susie Carder. We met a few years back at a Lisa Nichols event and fell in girl love. I say, she’s my sister from another mister. She has been my friend. She has been my mentor. She is a genius when it comes to helping entrepreneurs build million-dollar brands. She has made a lot of money. She has lost a lot of money and she has a strategy that creates millionaires. Right now, with everything that’s happening in the world, we need to get over our fear of talking about money and get clear on how we’re going to make it.

I am excited about her new book, Power Your Profits. It’s her tenth book where she breaks down how to make money in a simplified way. She has helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs increase their revenues by more than 3,000% and has worked with top business moguls, including John Assaraf, Lisa Nichols, Steve Harvey, Doug Carter, and Paul Mitchell. If you want to make more money and you want to learn how to become more profitable in your business, you are going to love this interview with my good friend, Susie Carder.

My sister from another mister, Susie Carder. It’s great to have you with me. I miss you so much. There are people that you just miss their energy and you are one of those people that every time I’m around you, I feel like I’m truly with a sister. I’m so glad we get to have this time together because you’re doing a lot right now.

We’re doing a lot right now. We are full-blown. We’re in several different launches. We’re pivoting, we’re reinventing on the fly, all of us. Every business owner that is reading this, I need you to know you are not alone. Because we’re isolated, it’s like, “Nobody gets me.” I love that you and I can text and I’m like, “Help.”

It is so crazy and yet you are still inspiring. You’re still doing big things. I think that Susie is part of why I so badly wanted to have you on this podcast. One, because I’m so excited about your book, but also we go way back. I’ve met you years ago through another event and I’ve seen who you are and how you show up to serve. You live by the motto, “Wealth is your birthright.” People can look at you Susie and say, “That’s easy for you to say you’re a successful entrepreneur,” but that’s not where you started. Can you take us back to like Susie 1.0? Where were you before you figured it out and became this incredible entrepreneur you are now?

I was on this bus. Many people know the struggle bus. A lot of people don’t know that my vocation was as a hairdresser. I was a hairdresser with two little kids. I was a single mom trying to raise these children by myself and no child support, no alimony, no family support, no hookup because there’s no hookup here. I had to figure out this business thing to provide for my children. My children were my why. I know that sounds corny, but I had to figure out. I didn’t want my kids to have my same upbringing. I didn’t want my kids to not have an education. I grew up with nine brothers and sisters and my dad’s philosophy was when you’re eighteen go get married and get out. Now understanding I have children of my own that went through that, it’s like, “Get out.”

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I had to learn early on, how do you grow a business? How do you create sustainable income? You know that you’re not killing yourself over. As entrepreneurs back in the day, there weren’t podcasts. There weren’t videos, YouTube, Brilliant events, and Power Your Profit events. There weren’t available. We had to go to bookstores and read. Books are a great introduction to coaching. I went to the bookstore, dragged my kids. “You need to learn how to market.” “Let me figure that out.” You need to learn how to retail. “I need to know a referral market.”

Isn’t that unbelievable that what we have access to and that there’s no barrier to entry? Anyone can create anything at any time and yet, Susie, I almost missed the days where you had to drive to a bookstore and plant yourself down. That someone had to be a true expert and had to be credible.

Early on, as a hairdresser, I did $250,000 a year, and then other hairdressers said, “How do you do that?” I’m like, “Here, let me show you.” I started my speaking career, just supporting my community. We didn’t start as a business. Then I launched a training and development company because my clients said, “I love what you do. Do you have a book?” I’m like, “No, I don’t have a book.” “I love what you do. Do you have an audio?” “No, I don’t have an audio.” “I love what you do. Can I buy that?” I’m like, “You want to buy this?” It was such a mistake business. Looking back, now I get to sit with years of experience going, “I want to create a roadmap of just do this, you get this, and this, you get this.” My clients call me the millionaire maker. I love helping people.

I love it because I could see money everywhere. It’s fun to create when you understand the infrastructure and the system. You have a system for videos and how you perform well, how you capture people. Why have the same thing of how you capture their money and how do you find those clients that love and adore you? How do you monetize that business? I do this complicated thing called business, make it fun because that’s important. Math is money and money is fun. We may not like math, but I love what money does for me. It’s enabled me to have seven businesses, two $10 million companies, several multimillion-dollar companies, so it’s predictable success. Success leaves clues and that’s what I did in my new book, Power Your Profit. It is, “Here are my clues. Here’s what I did. Here’s what I did with my clients. Here’s how I help them.” We don’t have to figure it out with bloody knees and bloody elbows.

I remember that first business I own too. It is business by accident. You said something that is important for someone to know right now. That is the first business was an accidental business. People were asking you to help them and I come from a family of hairdressers so I know that doing $250,000 a year is not easy, especially back then when you were doing it. You obviously figured something out. I think many of us when we’re looking to grow our business, we throw what we think people want on the wall instead of answering the question that they keep asking us. You built a huge company, you sold it. You made a ton of money and then you lost a ton of money. Right now, people need to read that you lost money and you recreated it. That’s success, Susie, when you can lose it all and then figure out because there are clues and you build quicker the second and third time. Let’s go back to that time where you had sold this incredible training company and then you hit rock bottom.

It was 2007. We had sold our company for millions and then the market crashed and we were over-leveraged. Success and failure lead clues. We were heavily invested in real estate. In 2007, the market crashed, real estate market crashed. My marriage of seventeen years crashed. My dream home was upside down. We had to short sell that home and building. It was a 20,000 square foot building that we couldn’t sell. We had all our assets in that building. That building that was worth $1.5 million was now worth $600,000 and that cash was in that building. It was like, “That hurts.” It hurts everywhere.

IL 9 | Power Your Profits
Power Your Profits: How to Take Your Business from $10,000 to $10,000,000

I remember that day of just being like, “My gosh,” on the floor crying. It was like, “Why? I’d been a good student. I listened to the experts. I did all the things my coaches told me to do.” Nobody knew what was happening in our economy because now 10, 15 years later, you see the behind the scenes of what was happening. Even now in our economy, there’s behind the scenes that we as laypeople don’t know. There was so much going on, but at the moment, right now, we don’t know. We don’t know why we’re going through what we’re going through and it builds character. One, I was afraid to be judged. Two, I didn’t want to tell anybody that I had this massive failure. Three, I was like, “Who’s going to listen to me? Who’s going to want to hear what I have to say?” I heard a voice. I’ll call it God, call it whatever you want. He said, “Get up, you know what you need to do. You know this, do it, rebuild it.”

Someone needs to hear that right now. They need to hear, get up. You are not done. This is only the beginning of your greatness. We have had a lot of opportunities to build character and a lot of opportunities. When we look back at those challenging moments, those moments that brought us to our knees, we can rise now and say, “That got me here.” A lot of people right now, they’re so uncertain. They’re having to pivot their business. A lot of people are now forced to go online where before they knew they should. Now it’s like, “I don’t have a should. I have to be visible.” I’m curious to know what you’ve done in your own business since the pandemic, because you and I, we both do a lot of live in-person events. We love that energy. We’ve been at each other’s events and we’ve had to move it all online. Tell me what that’s been like for you and what you’ve had to change?

We’re in the middle of this book launch and we had everything pretty and polished. I’m talking thousands of dollars and then the pandemic hit. All of a sudden what was relevant last week, it’s not relevant this week. We had to completely scrap every marketing campaign, every landing page, every email written. I was crying. It takes so much momentum when you build something or you launch something, all the excitement and the momentum. We had to recalibrate and shift all the language. What I do is I’m playing full out. There was no way we were not going to make this happen between my team and myself. I know that if I can get you information, I can change your life. If you’re struggling with understanding how to sell, go to chapter six. Skip everything else and go to chapter six. Find the stairstep question. You do that one thing, I will make you millions by following. I’ve been using that system for years. We had to shift from live events to virtual events. I didn’t know if we would have the same conversions or if it could be as exciting. I’m touching business strategy. How much more boring can you get?

It’s fun when I make it fun. A lot of people get scared. I know your events, they are nothing close to boring. They’re not boring at all, but that’s live. We had to take the whole thing online, like create engagement. My whole house was my studio. I had this office and another office. I had an office in my kitchen, where all my team was here and we were making it happen, in our mask and sanitize. We pivoted, we reinvented, we took what we do on live and put it online and prayed. I’m not going to lie, we prayed a lot to go, “Can we do this shift?” Strategy is everything. There’s no sprinkle therapy dust, no unicorn, no rainbow. I went back to the book, back to the Bible. I got my tabs in there. I’m like, “What do we need to do?” When the pandemic hit, I went directly to my budget and I looked at all the 32 live events scheduled, and they were gone overnight.

Everybody canceled their events. Now I’m looking at our projections going, “What do I do?” I removed all the live events and I had some virtual events on podcasts, but those were more marketing. I’m like, “Where are my personality videos? It’s going back to the foundation. I readjusted my budget. I readjusted my sales forecast. I went out to find where are the events that were pivoting from live to virtual and go, “I’ve got to work on my conversion muscle.” I hid in live events because in live events, I knew my conversions, but online events, I didn’t have the same conversion. I had a deep dive into, how do I get people to take action? How do I get people to shift that? How do I get people to raise their hands? How do I get people? I didn’t get attached. I was committed.

I’ve got to say that was good. You were committed, not attached. I love that because so often we get so attached to an outcome, but we’re not committed to serving. We’re not committed to showing up, but we want the outcome and then we’re disappointed.

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We have to keep reinventing to go, “That didn’t work. Let me do this.” I’m watching them build a house next door. For four days they worked on the foundation. They dug a hole then filled the hole and then they dug a hole and filled the hole. It’s the same hole. I’m like, “Are they messing up?” They were hacking the foundation and then they drew some stuff and now they’re digging different holes, but it’s still just the foundation. That’s business, much of the work we need to do is foundational. What’s the foundation I need to put in place from your ideal client and that ideal avatar? Looking at your marketing strategy, looking at, “Do I have a bunch of fans or do I have customers?” Fans are not customers. If you need to understand the distinction, that’s all in that marketing section in chapter four, Fans Versus Customers. In my past, I had a lot of fans. The fans don’t do anything but boost your ego.

Fans don’t make you money. We talked so much about that false metric that we are attached to likes instead of attached to monetizing what we do and attracting the right people. I would say, “Stop trying to catch the ocean,” like just go after and stop trying to be liked so much of what we do in the video training. Susie, what I love about our relationship is not only have we been friends for over seven years, but you’ve taken my trainings and I’ve hired you as a coach. We truly believe in surrounding ourselves with people who come to us with a different level of expertise. As my profit coach, you helped me get clear on my numbers and looking at our budget and our performance and getting very clear with what it is that we wanted to create and how we were going to create it. I think with most entrepreneurs, it’s like, “I want to build a house because that’s the fun part,” and we forget about how important the foundation is.

“I want the house done and pretty ugly before you get to the Creek.” I was reading an article in Forbes Magazine, 100,000 small businesses have closed. You don’t want to be part of that 100,000. This is the time to put ten units of energy in to get one unit of result, but once you get the momentum going, you put one unit of energy in to get ten units of result. It’s shifting what you’ve been doing to reinventing. Part of it I do feel like this is a gift that’s wrapped in sandpaper. We did our event and I was in the jacuzzi by 6:00 every night, which never happens. A cocktail in the Jacuzzi at 6:00 PM in the middle of a training on day one and a training that has never happened. We shut down the lights and we have gourmet meals every night. I’m like, “This is amazing instead of restaurant food. I love this way.” We had amazing results. We had an 80% conversion from our virtual event.

That’s pretty unheard of at 80% conversion. We need to get the book. Let’s pivot and talk about this book. Knowing you for many years, when it comes to money, you truly are a wizard. You’re just amazing and you make it fun. Talk to me about Power Your Profits. Tell me what we can expect. Susie, I think people are reading going, “Good for her but how does this help me? What am I going to learn?” I’m also curious with the thousands of people that you’ve worked with, hundreds of thousands of people that you’ve touched if not millions, what do you think it is that keeps us from building wealth? Obviously, it’s mindset, but I’m curious about your experience. What is it that keeps us from tapping into that potential?

We get stuck in being a technician, being whatever your vocation is. Back then, me as the hairdresser. Me now as a speaker, author, coach, and business strategist, that’s my vocation. Fifteen percent of your financial success, Keri Murphy is you being the host, you training people on video. That’s only 15%. You have to be amazing at your 15%. I have to be an amazing business strategist. The other 85% is what we deal with in here, Power Your Profits. The other 85% is the sales, the marketing, the operations, and the finance. What I love about this book and I don’t know about you, but as a girl, as a young woman, I love Cosmo. We are in the top twenty reads in Cosmo this month. We are the top 2020 must-read in Cosmo Magazine and on Amazon, we hit number one in new releases which is exciting.

Susie, congratulations.

IL 9 | Power Your Profits
Power Your Profits: If you know that your mindset is holding you back, start with mastering your mindset.

When I look at all the things we need to learn, this is truly a roadmap. Every section has an assessment. You’re assessing your business. I’m not telling you this way or no way because we’re doing a lot of right things. If you have some money, 88% of small businesses are at that $100,000 mark. I’m proud of you. That’s awesome but let’s get you to the $1 million mark. Only 1.7% of businesses hit the $1 million mark. My goal is I want you to be in the 1% club and there’s plenty of room here because most people aren’t working on it and especially women. Every chapter has an assessment. If you know that your mindset is holding you back, start with chapter one and mastering your mindset, your net worth will only go as high as your self-worth. If you know you hate business finance because that was me, the only reason I’m good at this is because I sucked at it. When I was a young businesswoman, I could make money, but I was spending that faster than I was.

Let me simplify this. I’m not an accountant, I’m not a CPA, I’m an entrepreneur just like you. I had to figure it out myself. My accountant would give me their stuff and I didn’t understand it. I would sit with my partner and like, “How do we put this in entrepreneurial? This is so confusing.” I created these spreadsheets and then I would be talking to you and you’re like, “I feel the same way. Can I have that spreadsheet?”

You geeked out at spreadsheets.

I do because they give me freedom. I felt like it was the keys to my palace. I didn’t know. It was way complicated or it was way too much data that didn’t make sense to me. It was like, “Thank you for sharing. What do I do with that?” Chapter eight is all about money. Money is fun and then we give you all the spreadsheets. You don’t have to make up your spreadsheets. Go to my website. If you bought the book, you get the spreadsheet. You get six of my spreadsheets.

That’s including in the book?

They’re included in the book and as a bonus, when you buy the book, you get the digital spreadsheet. I don’t say, “Build the spreadsheet,” because then you’ll look at me like, “Really?”

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That will never happen. “Just give it to me, Susie. Stop holding back,” which you never do which I love about you. You’re always like, “Here, have it. Get this.” I’m like, “This is amazing.”

It shortens your learning curve. We all have our masters in different area. You’re a master in video. You host a scene and enrolling people in engagement, and your kindness and love. Showing us how to do as a system. You give a strategy. It’s not just showing up on camera. I’m doing the same thing. Let me give you the strategy because it doesn’t just happen. Along the way, we have to continually treat the strategy.

I want to go back to something that you said that I felt was powerful, which is your net worth is only as equal or as strong as your self-worth. I have to say in getting ready for Brilliant and bringing these women together at an event you’ve been to many times, it still amazes me how even some of the most successful women do not want to talk about money. They don’t want to talk about it. They don’t want to bring it up and even if they have it. Either we’re ashamed if we have it. I remember listening to an interview with Jamie Kern, who is a self-made billionaire and who sold IT Cosmetics to Revlon. She didn’t want Forbes. She didn’t want anyone putting that out there because she was ashamed that she was a self-made billionaire.

Then we have people that don’t make any money that are ashamed to ask for help to learn how. Money is an interesting conversation, especially with women. I want to go back to how important it is that if we’re going to get in that 1% to 2%, we have to be willing to talk about it and to ask for help about it. Susie, that’s exactly why I hired you because I know what I know, and I know what I don’t know. Your book answers a ton of those questions and it’s almost that safe place that you can go to, to ask about money without having to raise your hand, to get the practical steps, to get the roadmap, to get those spreadsheets, and start working on it. I have to say that whether you have it or you don’t, it seems to be the subject that no one wants to talk about.

Money is a dignified conversation. We’re all having the conversation either in your head and your side conversation, but we all have to have it eventually. I want it to be okay to say I don’t know. That’s why I try to tell my stories of, “I created this because I felt stupid.” I didn’t want to feel disempowered around money or I don’t want to feel disempowered about growing my business. I didn’t want to feel disempowered around pricing 90% of small businesses. One hundred percent of the ones I coach, their pricing structure does not support profitability. That means out of the 100% that doesn’t support profitability, inside that number they’re not even paying themselves a proper salary. If I was to work for a corporation, they would pay me this dollar amount.

There’s a formula that says, “Here are all my expenses.” We go, “What does Keri charge? What does Susie charge? What does Jill charge? What does Melanie charge? I’m going to charge this.” That’s not a pricing strategy. That makes no sense because we don’t know if Keri’s business is profitable. I know what it is because I’m her profit coach. We don’t know if Jill’s or Melanie, whoever those other people are if their business is profitable. It’s dysfunctional and every business is dysfunctional. What is your overhead? What are your financial goals? What’s your wealth strategy? That all has to be included. You realize if people don’t want to pay that, that’s okay, and let’s go find another one.

Power Your Profits: If we’re going to get in that one to 2%, we have to be willing to talk about money and to ask for help about it.

Let’s find someone that will because you can’t afford it. That’s why you’re like, “Why am I working this hard and I don’t have anything?” You’re not charging appropriately. You’re not charging your worth. You’re not charging your value. A lot of times as entrepreneurs, I put my worth. I think, “Keri is not going to pay that, so I make it about me.” It’s not about me, it’s about the results that I help clients produce 3,000%, 800%. I create millionaires based on formulas. You’re not paying for Susie. You’re paying for the intellectual property that I’ve accumulated through my own wins and my own failures. What I learned in 2007 from losing everything was the best lesson I could learn for my clients. It was my biggest victory and my biggest lesson to rebuild.

It didn’t take me twenty years that’s why I was crying. It took me twenty years to accumulate that wealth and I realized, “I already know what to do. I don’t have to go back to square one. I can start now at square ten or whatever number that is and start building from there.” My accumulation factor, because I knew what to do now. I knew how to price. I knew how to build. I knew how to market. I knew how to sell. I knew how to create strategic partnerships. In the beginning when you’re a young entrepreneur, you don’t know any of that. You’re running around with ignorance.

You do help people with the strategy. I’ve worked with you for years. Even though we’re doing well in our business, I still love the practicality, the foundation, starting my live events, and being virtual again. I can’t wait to go back through your book and take out those juicy nuggets that you can’t get enough of. It’s like reading or watching a movie that you love and going back and watching it again. You always get something out of it the second and third time you watch it. For those people that maybe are in a place where they are struggling with their business. They don’t want to give up on it. They’re having a hard time understanding maybe this new landscape or how to pivot. What advice would you give that person?

I am going to go back to pricing because it all goes back to your ideal client that avatar, making sure that your pricing is appropriate. Are you willing to risk it all to get it all? I knew when we had to pivot, I could go, “That’s not going to work.” The reality was I’m willing to risk it all. When I launched the consulting arm of that business of the training and development company, I had to go into credit card debt. I never had credit card debt.

I had to learn how to get investors to invest in my business. I had to learn how to be strategic and that took hiring coaches. A coach is part of my life. Keri and I were having a conversation about her event, her language because we work together. She’s like, “Here’s my masters, my goal, here’s this, here’s that,” just the language has transformed. You don’t ever lose it. When you hire coaches that are result based and transformation based. That’s what I’m proud of, like in my experience I didn’t have to start at square one. You’re not starting at square one. I want you to know that anything is possible. We do live in an amazing country as dysfunctional as it is.

People are hungry for transformation. They’re hungry to get what you have and let’s help people make sure that whatever you’re doing lights you up and lights somebody else up. Making sure it’s profitable for you. Go through that exercise. Chapter one starts with putting a business plan together because if you have the business plan and it’s not profitable, you’ll see that. You might take a week of your time versus spending ten years going, “Why do I feel like a duck in the water?” It’s because you didn’t put the plan together. When the pandemic hit, what’s my plan? When we worked together, the first thing I asked Keri is, “What’s your plan?” She’s like, “Here’s my plan. Here’s what we’re going to do.” That’s the foundation.

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Let’s put a strong foundation in place so that you can see your future. You can see that vision. We can see if the money is there and if the money’s not there, then how do we make it there? How do we pivot a couple of things? You’re clear like, “This is what I have to charge.” You don’t have to give the hookup anymore because everybody wants to hook up. I’ll give you the hookup. I’m going to give you some bonuses with this book. I’m going to give you some free training but the hookup is, this is the price. That’s what I have to charge, in order for the business model to work. There’s freedom in knowing that, there’s freedom in your self-worth and knowing that.

It’s such brilliant advice, Susie Carder. Thank you so much. How do people get their hands on Power Your Profits?

You can go to any book retailer, Amazon. Go to PowerYourProfitsBook.com. That’s where you’ll go and you’ll order the book. You’re going to come back and put your receipt in there to get all the juicy bonuses and all the goodies. This is book number ten. We have a companion course because here’s what I learned. People go, “Susie, I love the book but I hate to read. Do you have an audio program or a video program?” I made that ahead of time. I’m going to walk you through the video program so that you can get the book. I walk you through it through the nine modules, which are the nine chapters of the book so that you implement it. It doesn’t work unless you implement it.

There’s a course that can go with the book that guides us.

For only $497. We were going to launching that product at over $3,000. When the pandemic hit, my team and I said, “It has to be an easy yes, because we need to climb out of this hole together.”

We cannot afford to lose one more business. My friends, please do yourself a huge favor and get my friend, Susie Carder’s book, Power Your Profits. Susie, anything else you want to add?

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I want to say that Benjamin Franklin said, “Take the coins from your purse. Invest them in your mind and your mind will fill your purse overflowing.” It doesn’t magically happen. You’ve got to start. You have to take action. You have to do something radical to get something radical. This is a radical step. Be committed to do the work.

People always want to know what’s the secret to success. It is that be committed and do the work. Susie, you make it easy for us because you give us the roadmap on how to do it. We don’t have to figure it out on our own. We don’t have to struggle. We don’t have to hide in shame. We don’t need to look at our bank account every day and make sure money is in there. That’s why I was so excited to bring you on the show and to share this book with my community because I know how much it will change their life. Thank you so much for being a dear friend, a mentor, and for being someone that continues to inspire me on a regular basis. I know that whenever I need help, you’re right there. That’s something that people need to know about you, Susie, you always go above and beyond to meet people where they’re at and to help them. Get the book, get the course, because I know the course is going to be the game-changer. It’s one thing to read the book and it’s another thing to implement what you’ve learned in the book. We’re going to end with what does inspired living mean to you?

First of all, I want to say the company itself, which is Keri Murphy, represents to me a community of people that care about their community and their tribe, the speed of the leaders and the speed of the game. You continually as much as I poured into you, you have poured into me. I see how you love your tribe and you love your community. Before we do an event, we’re strategizing and looking at how we can serve every single customer. Keri goes through every person that comes to an event. Every person that signs up for a program and puts a strategy in place. You don’t see that, it’s not just about money. It’s about community, sisterhood, and transformation. More importantly, having a life that you love. Inspired living is about inspiring each other, men and women to have a life that’s unrecognizable because of the community you hang out with and this community right here, we’ve got your back.

I did too and a little tear. I love you. Thank you for sharing with us. Again, get this book. It will transform your life. Don’t forget that it is a season, whether it’s a great season for you or it’s a season of challenge, it is truly preparing you for the next great thing in your life. Don’t give up on that dream. Keep going after it and power your profits. Thank you so much.

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About Susie Carder

IL 9 | Power Your ProfitsSusie Carder started out as a low paid hairdresser trying to support her 2 little girls.

But working for someone else became a challenge (to say the least).

So she decided to do whatever it took to create her own business.

After much blood sweat and tears (mixed with cheap mascara) she went on to create, not one, but two $10 Million companies!

Her core genius is the ability to simplify complicated issues by creating simple proven systems that are guaranteed to create dramatic growth for any company.

She has helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs increase their revenues by more than 3000%

and worked with top business moguls including John Assaraf, Lisa Nichols, Steve Harvey, Doug Carter, and Paul Mitchell.

Her newest book (number 10) ‘Power Your Profit’ is a bulletproof start-to-finish plan for taking your business from startup mode to the multi-million-dollar mark.

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