How to Get Out of Busy

So, here’s the thing: we think we’re these amazing multi-taskers, but the truth is none of us are really that great at doing multiple things at once. And the more you try to do everything at once—managing children, homeschool, checking emails and texts on your phone—the less productive you feel and the more frazzled you become.

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As a business owner working from home, if you’re anything like me you have kids running around, your spouse is at home, and you’re wondering, “how do I do it all?”

The question I get asked the most is, “How do you balance everything?” My response, “I don’t” but what I do is stay present to what I’m doing in the moment. 

If you feel like there are never enough hours in the day, my productive hacks are a must for you! These super simple productivity tips can help you stay on track and manage your time brilliantly and effectively. 

“How you start your day is how you end your day.”

Right now with a baby and a 5 year old at home, my mornings are a bit bananas, but I remember those mornings where I could take the time to meditate, breathe, have a nice warm cup of coffee, journal, and to write down my intentions. Those mornings feel like ages ago now. But even though I’m currently not able to completely go back to my old routine, I have found ways to go do the basics. 

Here’s a great morning routine for busy moms 

Pick One. Remember How I mentioned I used to meditate, breathe, have a nice cup of coffee, journal, and write down my intentions? That was amazing, but right now it’s just not realistic for me. So I pick one of those activities and I do it every day. I might change it up depending on how I’m feeling each day, but they all bring me that sense of peace I desire. What is consistent is the time I set aside every morning to do that one thing. This simple start makes my day better.

What is the one thing that you LOVE to do in the morning? 

Ok. Now here’s my reality! I have to be super focused on my priorities for the day. And if you’re anything like me. I recommend you do this next exercise daily with me. 

How to Prioritize Your Day

Remember how I said I keep my morning routine super simple. Same thing here. Nothing too fancy. You just need a good old pen & paper to write out your priorities and to-dos. Now write them out. And when you’re done with your brain dump, circle your top 3. That’s it. Chances are you have this HUGE list and you will not get to them all. Guilt will set in because you didn’t get everything checked off your list. If you got your top 3 completed…give yourself a huge pat on the back! 

No one controls your time but you. So to feel more productive you must learn how to manage your time. And going back to the basics is the easiest way to get back on track. Don’t stay stuck in busy! The more productive you are, the more profitable you will become. If you skipped past the ILTV video I created for you, go back and watch because I share more simple ways to feel more productive without feeling stuck in busy.

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