Spotlight Interview: Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer

Imagine coming from a family of doctors, following in their footsteps by going to medical school at 19, getting your medical degree, and then walking away to pursue your own passion. Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer did just that. And in her journey from Doctor to skincare founder to tech company entrepreneur, she’s been paving the way for other Brilliant women in business.

In my latest Spotlight Interview, I caught up with Dr. Schaffer to hear her inspiring story and find out where she’s going next.

You can change your career at any time

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?

I love how Jacqueline shared that when she was 14 years old, she wanted to go into business. But, coming from a family of doctors, she followed what seemed like the “best path” at the time.

I know she’s not the only person who has taken the “best path” at first, only to learn that it might not be the “right path” for them. And I loved her answer to my question, “Was it hard for you to walk away once you put all that time and energy into your medical career?” If you missed it, go back and listen to it at 3:12.

Your family only wants the best for you. And it’s natural that they encourage their children to follow a path that’s familiar and comfortable for them. This can make it difficult for people to branch out. So, if taking the “best path” for you means going into business or entrepreneurship, it takes courage to actually go for it. But having the courage to pursue your “right path” will ultimately pay off in the end, because it’s only when you’re really passionate about what you do that you can create the impact and income you desire. 

Don’t be afraid to pivot to fulfill your dreams.

How to create a successful business

Most of us start a business to solve a problem.  When Jacqueline’s mother was diagnosed with skin cancer, it ignited her passion. And when she learned about how many ugly toxins were in most of our everyday products, she saw a need and became driven to provide natural cosmetic products to the public. 

In our interview, she shares how she was sitting at her mother’s dining room table, just trying to figure it all out. And that is where most great businesses start. She saw a problem, she saw a need, she put in the work, and she definitely figured it out, more than once.

Here are just a few of my takeaways from her success in business:

  1. Solve a problem
  2. Do the research
  3. Don’t be afraid to pivot

Jacqueline talks about how each step her business prepared her for the next. I believe this is critical to success.

Being a Woman in Business

Jacqueline is full of wisdom and encouragement for women in business. She has learned by doing, just like most of us. Many people judge her, underestimate her, and dismiss her. Yet, I love how she says, “I want to be loved or hated, because if I’m in the middle, I’m forgotten.” 

Jacqueline’s perspective is so refreshing. She sees her work as a movement and a mission to provide better products that support people’s mental and physical health, their businesses, and their lives.

“The coolest part of Natural Glam is that it isn’t about me.” ~ Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer

She is a smart, successful woman in business that is willing to pull back the curtain and share it ALL. Her passion to help women become successful is one of the many reasons why I asked her to speak at Brilliant, the virtual premier event for women in business. Sign up now and receive our limited-time Brilliant Bonus Bundle (value $1,947).

What was your favorite inspired takeaway from this interview?

Keep dreaming it, living it, and being it!



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