CEO of HIR Insurance, Debbie Hoffman shares how she turned a crisis into an opportunity

Today’s ILTV Spotlight interview is with Entrepreneur and CEO of HIR Insurance Agency, Debbie Hoffman. How did she succeed after losing it all during the recession crisis of 2008, rebuild her life and begin a brand new business? Debbie shares with me, quite candidly how she survived The Great Recession, divorce and turning 50 all at the same time.

Surrender to what is right in front of you.

Debbie asked, “what’s under my own feet?” The answer is where she found her new calling.  Starting up an insurance agency with a service-based model to make insurance easy to understand. Assisting in providing ethical, unbiased guidance at no extra cost. She never wants her clients to sit on the phone for hours with insurance companies when Debbie’s team can do that for them at no extra charge.


When fear and self-doubt threaten your foundation, you’re sometimes left alone to figure it out. An entrepreneur by nature, she brought what she loved about her former profession, her insurance license and went deeper spiritually to stand for her belief she “doesn’t fit into a box.” She still had her one thing, her insurance licensing. As she began rebuilding her life, starting a new service, the conversation around Medicare kept coming up. Even though there was doubt around tackling such a huge expectation, she persevered. Now, her business is thriving helping thousands of individuals, families, and employers navigate the confusing world of insurance.


We know most people don’t want to talk about insurance but this is the time to talk about it. This is what every single one of us needs, and so few of us understand.

“We help people with the two things that everybody gets and nobody understands.” 

With the heart of an educator, she manages to uncover the best insurance solutions for her clients’ specific needs. As a former financial advisor, she is known for her extensive tax and financial knowledge which she uses to put her clients in a better health and wealth position than before they met. 

We hope you find Debbie to be as much of an inspiration as we do. Press play to watch our full conversation. If her story resonates with you, please hit reply in the comments below and share it with us. 

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