Interview with Christine Simmons, President & COO of the LA Sparks


It’s something that we are all talking about right now.

But if you are in business, and particularly if you are a woman in business, I wonder do you truly value what you bring to the marketplace? Do you struggle with how you’re perceived or even what to charge?

I sat down with one of my dear friends, Christine Simmons, who is known for her leadership roles in corporate America and on and off the court. She is President & Chief Operations Officer of the three-time WNBA Champion, Los Angeles Sparks.

Prior to joining the Sparks, she was an Executive Vice President with Magic Johnson Enterprises where she would evaluate investment opportunities and was responsible for business development. In the last 10 years Christine has worked with many Fortune 500 corporations and multi-million dollar companies.

Christine is a proud UCLA graduate, an active member of the Los Angeles community, and did I mention that she’s also a mom?!

2017 Kerri Murphy Brilliant Event 2017 Kerri Murphy Brilliant Event

Last month our Brilliant attendees had the pleasure of hearing Christine speak at #TheBrilliantEvent and I’m so excited to share all her wisdom and inspiration with you.

In this inspiring ILTV episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why knowing what you default to, in your career, can be the key to your success and joy.
  • Why speaking passionately is the cure to being salesy.
  • How having competitive characteristics can make you and your team reach your potential.
  • What to do when you don’t feel, or actually aren’t qualified on paper, to pursue your dreams.
  • How to change perceptions and highlight possibility, particularly about equality.

You heard the lady, “Go for it. Learn. Figure out what you don’t know. Find someone to help teach you and support you but also find out for yourself. Teach yourself. One step at a time, be bold in it.”

Now I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below tell us…

How do you overcome adversity? What inspired you most about this conversation and how can you take that inspiration and turn it into action in your own life.

Remember to share this episode to any women in your life that would benefit from it.



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