How She Did It – Inside the DayNa Decker Brand

I’ll never forget the 1st time I met DayNa Decker. It was hard not to be a bit envious of her Supermodel looks and incredible sense of style. As I’ve come to know DayNa over the years, I’m still in awe of those things but what captivates me even more is her heart and the ability to continually innovate in her brand and life.

I truly adore this lady and that’s why I invited her to share her incredible wisdom at the upcoming Brilliant event and bringing out this ILTV episode. If you don’t already know her, you’ll want to!

As someone who works with many women entrepreneurs, our business often starts out with a DREAM. However many don’t make it past that initial idea or get the support they need and soon find themselves back at square one. Which is exactly why DayNa Decker is sharing her story on ILTV.

Just like you DayNa’s vision for her company started with a dream. She always knew she wanted to create a name-sake brand out of her love for fashion and fragrance but had no idea how she was going build it.

So how does a model with no formal college education build a multi-million dollar brand from NOTHING that is now available in over 39 countries?In this today’s episode, she shares how she turned her dream about a “wood-wick” into an International brand and licensed product. Her luxury DayNa Decker brand has been featured in top department stores, luxury hotels and top lifestyle magazines.

Sound like your dream come true? Come watch the show and learn how you can make your dream happen too.

If DayNa’s story has left you dreaming about what’s possible for you, I encourage you to join us at the Brilliant Event taking place June 4-6th where DayNa, myself, award-winning entrepreneur mentor, Ali Brown, President of the LA Sparks Christine Simmons, CEO of Business Chicks Emma Isaacs, and TV personality and CEO, Jennifer Adams will be sharing their greatest business wisdom with you. Come hang out with other powerful women entrepreneurs, change-makers, and leaders.

Of course, I’d love to hear from you! Do you have a dream you are ready to pursue? What inspired you most about DayNa’s story? Leave your answers in the comment section below!


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