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NL Feb 24

Men compete and women collaborate. Research has shown it is embedded in our nature as women, to join forces. So why is it that we all (as women) can’t just get along?

Why do we cringe at others success instead of celebrating? Tear each other down, instead of lifting each other up? When did peers become rivals?

We all have insecurities.

We all feel threatened at times by women we perceive as more attractive, in better shape or more successful or knowledgeable.

No matter what you look like, where your from, what your level or area of expertise is, what is so wrong with reaching back and helping a fellow sister out?

Passing judgment before you know or understand someone’s situation is just that, your perception. It doesn’t mean that it is right, and it is more than likely stemming from insecurity in your own life that you are struggling to embrace.

Recognizing you are unique and bring something valuable to the table and at the same time appreciating the strengths and attributes of other women will breed collaboration and opportunity.

If we become intentional about fostering collaboration, by supporting and communicating with one another, imagine what we can learn and how we can grow.

How do we eliminate the cattiness? In this week’s video, you will learn 4 ways to create a bigger movement. We are so much stronger together.

Watch this week’s video now

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller via @ Kerimurphy

Together we can learn, grown and open more doors of opportunity. Use these 4 small mindset shifts to connect with those around you.

Stop Judging ladies!- Show a little compassion. We are all going through something even if it doesn’t appear that way externally. You don’t know the whole story, so before you pass judgment reach out and talk with them.

Remember your assets- What is unique about you? How can you help someone else in their journey? If you are willing to share, you will get in back tenfold.

This is YOUR Journey- The next time you feel a twinge of envy or negative thought, remember everyone is on their own path.

Celebrate- Successes deserve to be recognized, even if they aren’t your own. Lift each other up!

How can you be more intentional about collaborating and supporting other women?  Please share your insights with the community below. Lets grow together!

Thank you for reading, sharing and joining in the conversation on the Inspired Living Community!

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