Prevent Mid-Career Burnout

Ambitious and career driven, you have been that way as far back as you can remember. And what is wrong with that? Long hours and late nights have become routine. A 24/7 lifestyle has led you to success, but where else could you be heading?

What happens when you mentally and physically hit a wall?

And more importantly, if you haven’t hit that wall yet, how can you prevent inevitable burnout?

An alarming number of young professional women are burning out at work before they reach 30. They appear to “have it all”— great salaries, benefits, paid vacation, but behind closed doors exhaustion and high stress levels are stacking up. In statistic provided by McKinsey research, the corporate ladder reflects this. (more…)

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Have You Stepped Into Your Vision?

I shot this video last week right after the website launch because it was like my dream finally came to life.

In this video, I share my story and encourage you to find inspiration for your own.


Our vision is what guides our life and our choices. You may be thinking, “Keri, I don’t have time for my own vision!” but that’s not true. Your vision is simply what you are committed to creating in your life. Whether that is healthy kids, a successful career or a spiritually centered life- without a strong vision, you allow circumstances to shape your life, instead of you.

Lately I have really stepped into my own vision in both my personal and business life.  To be honest, I don’t know how things are going to shape up and bring this grand vision to life…but I believe in it and I work toward it daily. This week’s ezine is all about helping you find and step out into your bold vision. If you can’t imagine it…you can’t create it! (more…)

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What is your body language saying about you?


As entrepreneurs, we are constantly out there trying to prove ourselves and our unique product or service we bring to the marketplace. We spend hours on our marketing and message but we rarely think about the one thing that people notice first…how we show up, aka our body language.

I am sure you’ve heard the statistic, 90% of ALL communication is non-verbal. So why aren’t we paying more attention to this? Because it’s easier to get caught up in the “doing” while forgetting about who we are “being”. If our marketing and messaging is spot on then who cares how we show up? Your potential clients do!
Body language and facial expressions speak much louder than words. (more…)

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