Behind the music with Kim Kline & Keri Murphy

Have you been on the road to success when suddenly you hit a speed bump?  Have you had to make the decision to continue to pursue that dream or put your hands in the air and give up, saying, “Well at least I tried?”


Thomas Edison once said, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”


Don’t quit before the miracle!  This year is YOUR year! Take the reigns in your life and make it happen. Each path to success has lot’s of bumps, these are steppingstones and learning opportunities. Don’t confuse the path with your destination. I know this all too well and so does Kim Kline.


Kim grew up in a small town in Texas with a love and deep-felt passion for music. At a young age she decided to pursue a big dream. She left all that was comfortable and moved to Los Angeles, California. Just as she began to rise to the top, her career took a sudden turn. Faced with a financial and family crisis Kline was forced to start over.


Be inspired to persevere in hard times as Kim Kline did and continues to do as she fights to climb back to the top of the charts. Dream it! Live it! BE it!  




Not everyone is an overnight success (actually very few!)

Not every journey is easy.

Overcoming obstacles is a regular part of anything worth pursuing.

Watch more of this interview to learn more about Kim Kline and start pursuing your dream!

Have you ever taken a major detour to your dream? What got you back on track? What you share may help someone on their journey. When we are inspired…we inspire others!

I want to hear from you!

Thank you for watching and for being a part of the Inspired Living family.


Much love and success,



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  1. amhare

    You are genius Kery.
    Your fan

  2. Joseph Smith


    I love the inspirational videos and the look of the Inspired Living website!

    Also love the fact that you followed through on getting your inspirational cd’s out there.

    Please keep the inspiration and empowerment flowing.


    1. Keri

      Thanks Joseph!

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