Faith involves risk. They don’t call it a leap for nothing, but living in faith can empower you to change the way you approach your goals. It can give you the confidence to keep going even when there is no evidence that you are moving towards success.

Defined by Merriam Webster dictionary, faith is “A firm belief in something for which there is no proof.” Faith requires complete trust, whether that is in a dream or goal, a business, a relationship or a higher power. You must trust that what you aspire to become, regardless of your current circumstances will be fulfilled. With faith, your life vision can become a reality.

Faith encompasses many things…

Believing when I don’t see it.

It is visualizing the future in the present. Every new thing is impossible until it is realized. “Believing is seeing” not “seeing is believing”. If you believe you can’t do something, you will fail, but if you truly believe you can achieve your goal, it will unfold before your very eyes. This psychological phenomenon has been proven time and time again. Blind faith is scary but being driven from deeper place, in alignment with your goals, you will find the stamina and resources to make it happen. 

Giving when I don’t have it.

“It’s how, not how much, and attitude, not amount.” Faith is giving when you don’t have it to give. There are two ways to give. Giving in fear…”How much can I afford to give?” or giving in faith…”How much should I give to help, whether I can afford it or not?” Putting forth an investment, even when you are in a tight financial situation, can bring many blessing into your life.

Persisting when I don’t feel like it.

Do you always feel like being nice to people? No? Well if you didn’t how many friends would you have?

Do you always feel like going to work? No? Well if you didn’t how would you make money or build your business?

Do you always feel like going to the gym? No? Well if you didn’t how would you reach your health goals?

Nothing is easy all the time, but if you didn’t push through those days of unmotivation or challenges, where would you be? Not any closer to your goal. Live by your commitments instead of how you are feeling.

Thankful before I receive it.

If you are always focusing on the problem or what you are lacking, you leave no room for a positive outcome. Being thankful before you receive, breed’s faith. If faith is believing in the unseen, you must acknowledge that and good things will come to you.

Trusting if you don’t get it.

Everything happens for a reason, we have heard this so many times, but that does not make it any less true. There is a purpose for every milestone we overcome. Every challenge makes us stronger. Timing is not always perfect and our dreams may be delayed, that does not mean they will never come to be. Trust that there is something better coming your way. This bump in the road will lead you down a path better suited towards your goals.

To have faith in something does not mean that you will never falter in your belief, but when it is tested persist. If you have not reached your goal, remember the definition of faith, belief in something when there is no evidence. You must trust that this is all a part of the bigger picture. Be thankful for every lesson learned and continue to give in faith that you will reach your end goal.




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