Pull Back the Curtain

Warning: Potential paradigm-shift ahead. Be prepared to change the way you think.

Life can be a lot like being in the audience of a fantastic stage production. What we observe on a stage looks perfect, well-rehearsed and cause for our admiration. But what we don’t see is what goes on behind the scenes.

Draw back the curtain and you would get an entirely different story. Props that have been painstakingly mended to stay together; hours of rehearsal and weariness; an abundance of makeup and lights to create an aura of perfection. Quite a stark difference between what the audience sees and what is reality.

The truth is that if you could draw back the curtain on the lives of others, you would see that our perception is usually quite different that what reality truly is in other people’s lives. For many people I know, especially women, this is a problem because we tend to assume that others have attained these great things that we could never do and we internalize this negatively. Why don’t we instead look at others accomplishments and be empowered to do better ourselves, instead of being further riddled with self-doubt?

Behind the scenes of any great production – or any great life – is the reality of all the hard work, dedication and commitment to a dream that went into making it a reality. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it just magically happened, or that it couldn’t happen for you. Learn, be empowered and go out and make your own dreams your new reality!

Dream it. Live it. BE it!




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