5 Ways to Feel Better about Your Body Right Now!


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Ready to feel better about your body starting right now?

Here are  five quick ways you can instantly learn to love your body today, increase your self esteem and be a better person overall.

Step One: Stop judging other people.

That is right even the people  you see on TV or in magazines. When you catch yourself making a rude comment (even in your head) stop it. Say, “So What” to yourself and drop it. Do not share negative judgments OUT LOUD with other people. Do this and right away your inner critic will lighten up on YOU.  Want a cool way to learn how to do this AND share with your friends and family?  Check out Fed Up Inc.’s brand new movement No Body Bashing™.  You can learn more by visiting http://fedupinc.org/?page_id=1669

Step Two: Dress in clothes that fit AND that you actually like.

Make  a new rule to only wear clothing that is clean and in good condition. Make sure it fits comfortably.  This may be hard at first as you probably have a few things that are your favorites or you cannot part with.  This is a process.  Just make the promise and take baby steps.  If you put something on and find it is ill fitting, in poor condition or dirty take it off.  Sometimes you may have to change several times and put several outfits in a “toss out/ give away” pile. Just keep pushing yourself. You don’t need to wear  pants that are an inch too short and tight in the butt. Move on to  pants that really fit and make you feel fabulous.  If you can’t  afford to buy new things you can trade with friends, shop on ebay,  shop for sales or just do your very best to dress well using these rules.

Step Three: Do a media purge.

Take a break from media such as  magazines, tv, radio, etc. This will help you become more aware of
how many messages are bombarding you each day.  What is a break?  I recommend taking an entire day off.  But again do the very best you

Step Four: Write down ten things that you did today that were amazing and think about it.

Seriously it takes maybe a minute to do  this. Even in the car on the way home from work (thinking about  it!). Just take the 60 seconds. Afterwards I bet you will have a  smile on your face.

Step Five: Move your body. Take a walk, bike ride or do a bigger workout. As you move notice how powerful and strong your body is.
What a blessing! How could you be so cruel to your “thighs” when  they house the muscles to climb stairs and walk long distances?

I hope this helps and remember be good to yourself by being good to other people. Stop judging others and stop judging yourself.

Bridget Loves
Founder and Executive Director




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  1. Diane

    Awesome article and a terrific reminder to us all!
    I’m thrilled that there are campaigns like fedupinc.org to help direct our society back to “the basics” and away from the dream the media would have us believe is reality!
    Recently, my oldest son, who is in his late 20’s, revealed to me that he’s always considered himself “the fat kid” and insecure because he doesn’t have six pack abs. OMG! How that hurt my heart. He’s certainly not overweight – but simply a 6’2″ healthy, muscular male.
    Now – the challenge is to make sure that his daughter, my beautiful, vibrant baby granddaughter grows up with a much more positive view of her incredible self!
    Thanks Keri – and Bridget Loves – for the inspiration!

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