3 Simple Rules for Successful Relationships

By Scott D. Speight


Relationships are very intriguing! Recently while sitting in a small airport waiting for a flight that was delayed due to mechanical issues I began to watch those sitting around me. Early on people kept to themselves, didn’t say much other than the occasional “hi, how are you, where you headed.” Many people had their laptops opened or the cell phone up to their ear or just sitting patiently waiting. While the time began to pass and the airport staff shared the news of an ongoing delay it was very interesting to watch. People began to share their concerns about catching a connecting flight, who they were going to see, what they had planned to do and so on. The time continued to pass and conversations began to get a little deeper, people were sharing about their careers, their families and some began to share their hurts and the funny thing about this is that all this took place over a 3 hour span. The question that came to mind is why do people find it easier to open up and communicate with a complete stranger that they have only known for a couple of hours but refuse to communicate, open up and share their heart with their spouse or someone they have known for years and grown to love and appreciate? Relationships are a two way street and so must communication be as well. One of the things that I hear most often in organizations, marriages, and other places is that the problem is often due to a lack of communication. Some will argue that good communication requires trust, yet we will get on an hour and a half plane trip and reveal everything to our neighbor sitting beside us.

I would like to give three components to having more fulfilled relationships;

1. Trust yourself more. Trust that you can allow yourself to open up and allow someone else into your little world.

2. If you have problems talking with those you care about the most, begin to figure out why. What is it about them or you that keeps you from sharing what is truly going on with you.

3. Lastly, be available to those that you have relationships with? They might feel about you like you feel about them, fearful to open up and share. Be the kind of person you desire them to be for you. We all have relationships not matter what type and it is important that you find relationships that are fulfilling, open and honest.


Scott Speight, owner of Achieve Success Coaching and Consulting, is a relationship expert – both personal and business. Honest and yet compassionate, Scott’s natural ability to identify and address underlying issues creates a launching pad for better relationships, whether that be in the workplace or in the home, and is effective both with the clients he works with individually and audiences of all sizes, ages and backgrounds.

After years of personal coaching, leading marriage seminars and sales trainings, and through his work as a chaplain for the United States Army, Scott has developed a passion and gift for helping people of all ages and walks of life move on to the next level with their relationships. Scott can intuitively help his clients identify what is holding them back and then guide them to discover the inner strength and direction needed to achieve healthy, happy and fulfilling relationships. For more information go to achievesuccesscoaching.com




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