Part 2: How to Motivate Yourself with Lisa Nichols

Are you waiting for something… waiting to lose weight or waiting for a certain accomplishment before you put yourself out into the world?

Last week’s ILTV guest was the amazing Lisa Nichols and I am bringing her back for Part 2 of her interview this week.

Last episode she shared her story in detail about how she got to where she is today and explains what “Inspired Living” means to her. If you haven’t watched part 1 yet, then promise me you’ll take a couple moments to now.

One of our viewers wrote: “I have watched this video twice now. Such a beautiful and inspiring video! ❤️”

In Part 2 of ILTV, Lisa gets vulnerable with us about how she lost 100lbs. She was over 200lbs for 20 years, she built her business and life this way.

Lisa shares with us her “tipping point” that got her committed to losing the weight for good and the impact it’s had on her life and business.

Trust me, if you are already inspired by Lisa, then you’ll love the message this week! I can’t wait to read your comments on the blog.

In the comments below I’d LOVE to know, tell us what you are not waiting to do any more in your own life?

Remember by sharing what inspired you below, you could inspire someone else.

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As always, thanks for tuning in! Until next time Dream it. Live it. BE it!