The Powerful Mindset Strategy behind Growing a Business

Have you ever heard the saying, “Energy goes where intention flows.”

A few years ago, before Inspired Living became what it is today, I met with an intuitive advisor that taught me about the power of intention. Intention is where you focus your thoughts and energy.

If you wake up everyday and the first thing you  say to yourself, “Oh my gosh, how am I going to pay for that, should I spend money on this, no I’m not going to invest in that,” you put yourself in a scarcity mindset. You are always going to live there.

A conscious cannot create when it’s confused. 

When you are clear with your intention, it’s magical what you can create. You start to manifest things in your life and start reaching success without even noticing.

Okay, try something with me. Instead of saying, “I hope”  and “I wish”….. Replace it with “I AM” and “I HAVE”.  I AM building a brand that creates significance. I HAVE the money I need to take care of my family and myself. I AM surrounded by love and support.

That feels good right?! When it comes to building the inspired life you see for yourself, so much of it is in what you believe, what you say to yourself and others and your actions that you do every single day to move towards your goal.

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In This Episode You’ll Also Learn:

  • [00:48] How to be intentional with your energy- especially as a business owner
  • [01:40] How to be clear with your thoughts and intentions to manifest things in your business
  • [03:00] How to practice intentional thoughts within your life and business

Setting clear intentions and positive thoughts will create an energy that supports your dreams as a business owner. Telling yourself you believe in what you are doing, you love it, and you are working with people who are helping your vision come to life will eventually be exactly what happens subconsciously.

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