Less Stress For the Holidays with Hugimals | Marina Khidekel

Who doesn’t need a hug?! If you haven’t held a Hugimal, it might just be the quickest (and cutest) way to destress. Imagine hugging the softest stuffed animal combined with a soft weighted blanket. It will melt away stress and give you a hug anytime, anywhere.

In this episode, the founder of Hugimals World, Marina Khidekel, told me this…

“I originally wanted to license my idea, because I never thought I could be a founder”

Today, Marina has been named one of 20 solo founders to watch by Morning Brew

Since the founding of Hugimals World in only Summer 2022, the company has won awards including TIME magazine’s Best Inventions, Good Housekeeping’s Best Toy Awards, and Glamour’s Best Woman-Owned Brands. The company has been recommended in Goop, TODAY, WSJ, Oprah Daily, Travel & Leisure, Forbes, Elle, Esquire, and many more.

So how did Marina take the idea and turn it into the well-known brand that Hugimals World is today?

In the interview, Mariana gives insight on how you can replicate the process, how Marina switched from her day job to becoming a business owner, the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, and how Hugimals World came to be so successful. 

She even tells me that she is “customer-obsessed” and why you should be too. It’s such a great tip that you should be applying to your business!

Give it a watch and don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know what you think! I’d love to hear what Aha’s and takeaways you gained from Marina’s genius. 

Prefer to listen? Check out the Podcast 🎧

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