The Best Journal of 2024: From Blank Pages to Bliss’d | Allie Mirosevic

Bliss’d has been a true disruptor of the journaling marketplace, taking the overwhelm out of filling up blank pages, and delivering on the relief and joy that journaling provides. 

As someone who includes practicing gratitude as an absolute MUST, these journals have become a part of my practice every single day.

In this interview, Allie opens up about her journey through the pandemic, her personal battle with postpartum depression, and the rollercoaster ride of being an entrepreneur. 

She’ll show you how the simple act of gratitude and journaling has been her secret weapon for finding more joy in life, both for herself and countless other women. 

We explore the science behind journaling and how it can transform not just your personal life but also your business endeavors. 

Allie shares her personal insights on recognizing her entrepreneurial calling, the highs and lows of owning a business, and trusting those serendipitous moments when the universe whispers that a golden opportunity is knocking. 

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Episode Highlight Reel:

  • 03:01 The scientifically proven benefits of journaling and gratitude
  • 05:38 Allie’s experience with postpartum depression and how she navigated it
  • 10:41 What it takes to be a founder and the ups and downs of entrepreneurship
  • 14:44 Allie shares the lesson’s she has learned from starting a business
  • 16:55 What’s next for Bliss’d





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