ENCORE EPISODE: How To Build Your Big Vision And Create A Business Empire With Katrina Scott


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If they don’t call you crazy… are you even doing it right?

This week, in honor of the Inspired Living Podcast Anniversary, I thought I would showcase one of my favorite past episodes with one of the most inspiring, honest, and influential women I know, Katrina Scott. 

You may know her from being the co-owner of the multi-million dollar company Tone It Up.. or was it Forbes…perhaps from Business Insider, Vogue, Bravo, Women’s Health, or was it from the New York Times Best Sellers List? I know… probably from this year’s SPORTS ILLUSTRATED SWIMSUIT ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!

“I just kept thinking…I hope to represent all women out there who felt like it’s too late for them…IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!” -Katrina Scott

I mean come on, how amazing is that! There are many  “celebrities” to follow on Instagram… and they follow her. She is truly an inspiration to every woman and the definition of authenticity. I have watched her career transform, being vulnerable to millions of people about her struggles with fertility and miscarriages and dealing with self-doubt,  all while continuing to build  one of the  greatest fitness empires in the world. 

On this encore episode, we sit down and talk about what it takes to grow a business empire, everything from being on camera, establishing a brand, accepting responsibility, and showing up authentically as your truest self. 

For more inspiration listen to this week’s episode here.

In This Episode You’ll Also Learn:

  • [02:32] Katrina talks about feeling like she had a greater purpose and her journey to discovering what that was
  • [05:15] Katrina discusses the transition from teaching in-person fitness classes to teaching on YouTube and how getting uncomfortable helped her connect her to so many more people
  • [08:28] How Katrina decided to name and brand her business Tone It Up 
  • [12:29] Keri chats with Katrina on how she was able to make Tone It Up really grow and how she built relationships with customers
  • [15:36] Katrina talks about being the face of your brand and always taking responsibility for everything that happens within it
  • [21:12] Keri talks about how Katrina was able to relate to her community as a fitness professional through her pregnancy and postpartum journey and being authentic in the changes the body goes through and celebrating those things
  • [28:00] Keri asks Katrina for her best advice to someone who sees a big vision for their life
  • [36:05] Katrina talks about what’s next for her and how she keeps her self evolving and adapting to what comes her way

Watch Here: 

Here are a few of my favorite takeaways:

  • People appreciate brands that show the people behind the purpose of it and the authenticity of your business. The authentic transparent voice behind the brand connects with others and helps build a community in your business
  • Being the face of a brand makes you the leader of the company. This requires your total responsibility for your team. If there’s a mistake you should be fully prepared for anything that happens after- and always take it as a learning lesson and always make it right. 
  • You don’t always have to have it all figured out. You can adapt and evolve and learn along the way and not lose the person with the vision and passion you were before.

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