Rise Up and Rewrite Your Life’s Story with Danette May

With all that life is throwing our way right now, many of us are asking questions like:

  • Why is everything around me crashing down? 
  • Why me?
  • What did I do to deserve this?

At that moment you have two choices.

  1. You can be a victim.


  2. You can rewrite the story of your life.

My guest today chose to rewrite her life story after experiencing some terrible tragedies. And she’s here to tell us all about where she started, how she overcame these uncontrollable life events, and what she did to rise up and rewrite her future.

Remarkably, Danette May rose up and rewrote her story after losing a son during childbirth, getting divorced, and finding herself a single mom of two with only $47 to her name.

Today Danette May is America’s leading health expert, and founder of Mindful Health, LLC and The Rise movement. As a world-renowned motivational speaker, #1 best-selling author of seven health and women’s empowerment books, former celebrity fitness trainer, wife, and mother, she’s shared her unique, inspiring message in many spheres. You may have even seen Danette on national TV…on programs such as Access Hollywood, Hallmark Home and Family, CBS, and many more.

She transformed her life from being a single mother with only $47 in her pocket to owning a 20 million dollar business that helps women around the world.

And in our interview today, she tells us how she did it.

Here are some key takeaways you don’t want to miss!

  • Recognize your refiner fires as opportunities to grow and see things differently
  • The 3 things you must implement in order to change your life
  • One thing you can do every day to attract more goodness to your life
  • The power of writing your “I AM” statement

Danette is a beautiful woman, inside and out, with so many amazing resources. Her best-selling book, The Rise, will help you get started to rise up and rewrite your life story now. Get your copy today!

Feeling inspired? Share your “I AM” statement in the comments below. And surprise your loved ones and friends by passing along Danette’s remarkable story so they can rise up with you!


Dream it. Live it. BE it!


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