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A little while back I had the pleasure of sitting down and interviewing my friend, Glenn Stearns as he shared his incredibly inspirational story of very humble beginnings to epic (but very humble) success. Last year he was diagnosed with throat cancer and we are all thrilled that he is doing well and is in remission. If you know Glenn, you will immediately associate him with cracking jokes and his contagious positive attitude…proving laughter really is the best medicine.

I wanted to share this article with you, because it’s one that is very close to my heart. Glenn’s story shows just how much of an impact laughter, prayers and support from loved ones has on your life and your continued success.


Laughter is the best medicine, or so the old saying goes. I have always found there to be some truth in this. This has never been more apt than with our good friends Glenn and Mindy Stearns. Glenn was battling cancer, and taking on the disease with his love by his side and a smile on his face. I’m delighted to say he is now well again. As Mark Twain said: “The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.”

While Glenn was undergoing treatment, he and Mindy sent us a hilarious note about their recent experiences. I asked if they would be happy for me to share their wonderful words to make other people smile. “Share away,” they said. “We’re all about spreading hope with a laugh!”….

Click here to read the full article, written by Richard Branson.

Do you have any stories or moments when laughter has been the best medicine in your life? Your stories inspire others and we would love to hear them. Comment below!

PS. If you missed the interview I did with Glenn a little while back make sure you watch his incredibly inspiring story. My team is still talking about how the interview with Glenn inspired them in so many ways!


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