Inspired Living with Women’s Health Advocate, Michelle King-Robson

How often do we find ourselves in situations that can so easily be solved by just a simple conversation with someone who understands? When it comes to Women’s Health there are so many opinions and options.

I know there have been many instances in which I’ve turned to the Internet, rather than a friend or family member, to find help. I’ve typed in the symptoms, often getting results of something far worse than expected! Isn’t that just how it goes.

Thankfully, sometimes our greatest obstacles in life can also become our greatest opportunities. I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the largest health advocates for women, a true inspiration, Michelle King-Robson. As the creator of EmpowHER, Michelle has changed, saved, and impacted millions of lives. Not only with her personal story, but also with the network of women she has invited to her site that share their stories with us daily.


After having a complete hysterectomy at 42 she found herself at rock bottom, battling suicide thoughts daily. After seeing 9 doctors and still not finding the answers she so desperately needed, it is no surprise that Michelle took to the books to become her own expert. She had no other women to turn to…she got sick, she got mad, and she started EmpowHer, a resource for women to ask and share their own personal health questions and stories.

I think as women this truly is such a great reminder not to judge each other. We never know what another person might be thinking or going through, or what notes they may be putting in handbags. I encourage you to take advantage of that “ask feature” on her website, and to seek the answers you deserve! You are not alone, there are so many women sharing the same struggle you are, and so many who have overcome it! Find comfort in knowing that you have reliable options, thanks to EmpowHERIf you are one of the wonderful men in our community please share this video (and resource) with the women in your life that you love. This could actually save or transform a life – there are millions of women out there suffering that do not have to!

As always, we want to hear from you. Share your stories with us in the comment section below. There are so many others out there that are waiting to find someone just like you to relate to! Have you ever felt alone with your health concerns?


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