How to Navigate Your Journey as the Oldest Sister

Did you know that by 2030 the senior population is expected to double to over 72 million?! With aging parents and loved ones, this was a staggering fact for me to learn. The thought of our loved ones getting older and beginning to decline is never a pleasant subject to talk about, but the conversation needs to be started. Today I have one of America’s leading experts in senior care here to share her insight with us, the wonderful Kelli Bradley. Kelli’s first bit of advice to us is, start the conversation with your family. For some families this can [...]

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Inspired Living Interview with NBA Scout, Bonnie-Jill Laflin

Beauty, brains and a big heart, Bonnie-Jill Laflin is the total package. In this Inspired Living interview Bonnie-Jill talks to Keri Murphy about persevering in [...]

Inspired Living with Quinton Aaron from “The Blind Side”

Do you struggle to fit in? Do you feel like the last unicorn when it comes to pursuing your dreams? If so, you are not [...]

Behind the music with Kim Kline & Keri Murphy

Have you been on the road to success when suddenly you hit a speed bump?  Have you had to make the decision to continue to [...]

Inspired Living with Mindy Burbano- Stearns

My friend, Mindy Burbano-Stearns is one of the special guest panelist at the Oregon Women's Conference taking place this week and I remember sitting down [...]

Inspired Living with “America’s Dentist” Dr. Bill Dorfman

Inward reflection and creating a vision for the New Year is probably in the back of most of your mind right now. This is important [...]

Inspired Living with Savannah Robinson

Do you struggle to be true to yourself and who you are for fear of being judged? Don’t let others define who you are and [...]

Inspired Living with Kevin Sorbo

What do you aspire be? If you could do anything in life, what path would you take? Do you have an unrelenting passion? Veteran film [...]

How to Believe in the Beauty of Your Dreams with Miss America 2002

In honor of the 4th of July I’m pulling one of my favorite episodes out of the archives. Katie Harman-Ebner is one of my dear [...]

Inspired Living: Keri Murphy & Jordan Mellul of Nika Water

Did you know that water-related diseases are the second biggest killer of children worldwide? Keri Murphy interviews general manager of Nika Water, Jordan Mellul. 100% [...]

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