How to Choose the Right Coach for You

I could not be more thrilled to share with you today’s topic; How to Choose the Right Coach for You. As a serial entrepreneur, I didn’t realize the importance of having a coach until I lost one of my businesses back in 2009. Oh, that was such a painful experience and sadly, most new businesses fail within the first 5 years. Looking back there was so much I didn’t know and so much I could have gained from hiring the right coach. Now, as someone coaches others on how to building an influential brand, I would never NOT have a [...]


How to Build a Rockstar Team

Are you a solopreneur who finds yourself absolutely exhausted at the end of the day? You’re spending the majority of your day answering phone calls, responding to emails, sending out invoices, and dealing with insignificant details that are keeping you from dedicating the proper amount of time to your genius work, right?If this is you, it’s time to make a change NOW!There is no quicker way to business devastation than trying to do everything on your own. I know, I have the t-shirt and I would NEVER go back! Not only are you ending each day feeling exhausted, but you [...]


Ready to Record Your Next Video? (with Checklist)

Let’s be honest, we all have that voice in our gets louder when we are scrolling through Instagram/Facebook watching someone else do something we aspire to. The voice that says things like… “I’ll never look like that on camera.” “She’s so pretty.” “She’s so successful, what’s wrong with me?” We’ve ALL heard this voice once or twice but as an entrepreneur with a powerful message, you MUST put that self-doubt and comparison critic aside. Those thoughts don't serve you and even more importantly, it's possible to admire what someone else has achieved without doubting your own self worth. No [...]


5 Ways To Make Your Skin Glow On Camera

Glowing skin, radiant skin, clear skin, smooth skin, youthful skin. Who's in? (All hands go up) From my many years spent behind the camera lens, to the time I’ve spent coaching others, I know that confidence is the key ingredient to truly shining on camera. For me personally, having bright, beautiful, glowing skin is one of things that boosts my confidence level immensely. When your skin doesn’t look good, you don’t feel good. The last thing you probably want to do is get in front of a camera. However, when you have a good skin, you feel radiant and exude [...]