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How She Did It – Inside the DayNa Decker Brand

I’ll never forget the 1st time I met DayNa Decker. It was hard not to be a bit envious of her Supermodel looks and incredible sense of style. As I’ve come to know DayNa over the years, I’m still in awe of those things but what captivates me even more is her heart and the ability to continually innovate in her brand and life. I truly adore this lady and that’s why I invited her [...]

Are You Ready to Become An Entrepreneur?

Long days at the office. Locked down to a schedule set by someone other than yourself. Spending your days working towards a goal that you [...]

How to Identify Your Style and Love Your Bodytype

Welcome to Spotlight…interviews from inspiring leaders and entreprenuers that are hand-selected by me because of who they are and what they’re committed to creating in [...]

Women’s Health with Michelle Robson

How often do we find ourselves in situations that can so easily be solved by just a simple conversation with someone who understands? When it [...]

How to Find and Keep True Love with April Beyer

Are you currently single and find it more and more difficult to find love? Are you confused by all of the dating and relationship advice [...]

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