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Interview with Christine Simmons, President & COO of the LA Sparks

Equality. It’s something that we are all talking about right now. But if you are in business, and particularly if you are a woman in business, I wonder do you truly value what you bring to the marketplace? Do you struggle with how you’re perceived or even what to charge? I sat down with one of my dear friends, Christine Simmons, who is known for her leadership roles in corporate America and on and off [...]

The Power of Positioning

Are you someone who struggles with getting the results that you want? Or attracting the ideal clients that you know are out there searching for [...]

Top Business Advice From the #1 “Business Chick” Featuring Emma Isaacs

It’s so easy to look at a successful woman and say “luck” was on her side. Or maybe she was born that way. This week’s [...]

Top 3 Reasons I LOVE attending Events

Spring is in the air and I don’t know about you...but I can FEEL the new, fresh energy! There is something to be said about [...]

Why Perfectionism is Poison for your Business

Are you someone who struggles with perfectionism? Let me guess, this is not a new battle, but something you have been dealing with for years. [...]

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