Why Perfectionism is Poison for your Business

Are you someone who struggles with perfectionism?

Let me guess, this is not a new battle, but something you have been dealing with for years.

Although the idea of perfectionism may sound beneficial when you are thinking in terms of your business, I am here to rebut this thought process! I believe perfectionism can KILL your business. As I always say…:

“The “P” in perfectionism stands for poison.”

The biggest downfall perfectionism triggers in business, is the putting off of doing things because you “aren’t sure you’re ready yet”. Waiting until “you’re ready” is only going to hurt your health, your relationships, and your business.

If a successful business is something you are striving for (I know that it is!), then perfection is something you are going to have to learn to overcome. The good news is, in this week’s episode of ILTV, I am sharing 4 simple steps, that if implemented, will cure your perfectionism overnight! Let’s turn your perfectionism into peacefulness.

I want to see you succeed! I want to see you get your message out into the world! Don’t let perfectionism prohibit you for one day longer! We are here to help you get through this epidemic and create the business and impact you dream of!

You are ready enough.

I would love to hear from you! Did this strike a chord with you? Please share your story of perfectionism in the comment section below. By sharing your story, you inspire others.