What Does Spirituality Mean to You? with Sabrina Heartsong

What does spirituality mean to you? Are you searching to connect on a deeper level; looking for more meaning, purpose, connection, spirituality? How do we get there?

 I’m sitting with one of my dearest friends who is a spiritual intuitive healer, Sabrina Heartsong. I had no idea what that meant until I started working with her.

Her guidance and teaching helped me to awaken my spirituality and I changed my life. Sabrina is a “vessel” a “facilitator”. She is an intuitive therapist, emotional healer, and inspires spiritual transformation.

Leaving the high-level corporate world after 10 years, Sabrina shares with us her spiritual transformation and what spirituality means to her. She reminisces about her thoughts and ideals when she was corporate. “I was conditioned the solution to finding myself was corporate, the success, accomplishments, achievements, accumulating, consuming”. Yet she had a deep inner longing, “who am I, why am I here?” …that was her awakening.

Thinking you are spiritual is different than practicing. What does it mean… to practice?

It all starts with you. You already have everything, all of the tools, to manifest anything you want and desire. You have to AWAKEN that spiritual connection inside.

Meditate – Breath……don’t give up. Practice! Daily meditation cultivates deep inner silence within, connecting us to our higher self. When you have that connection you stop second-guessing, stop struggling. You ask a question and the first response is the correct one. You start trusting –tuning into your heart, you are listening to the awakened you.

Be Present – Our thoughts – our belief system – informs every cell in our body.                                  If you tell yourself everyday that you’re tired or stressed your body will react that way. If you choose to tell yourself you are happy, grateful, and loving your body will also act accordingly. We are in control and must take 100% responsibility for our experience. Whether consciously or unconsciously our thoughts manifest our reality: circumstances, finances, relationships, job, health.

Set Clear Intentions – Ask yourself what you want and why. Let go of manifesting objects, focus on The purity of intention and how is this going to make me feel. We are infinite and abundant. If we manifest out of purity and out of love we awaken and amplify that which we already have and that which is already there.

Let Go of the Ego –You can’t manifest something sustainable when it comes from a place of lack. Ignore the little ego voice that creates neurosis and suffering.

You are worthy, you are ready for full potential, your soul is ready.  When I asked Sabrina what does Inspired Living mean to her, I was touched and inspired. Watch the interview and make sure to share with us what Inspired Living means to you.   

Share this with others because when you are inspired, you inspire others.

Dream it. Live it. BE it!